Youth Mobility Visa UK

Let Us Guide You Through Your Youth Mobility Visa Application 

The Youth Mobility visa is open to nationals of certain eligible countries aged 18 to 30 years, allowing them to live and work in the UK for up to 2 years. This visa replaced the previous Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme.

The application process for a UK Youth Mobility Visa is complicated, and many applicants are turned down on their first try. YES UK Immigration has a lot of experience with UK Youth Mobility Visas and we can help in getting your application processed smoothly.

How Can I Apply for the Youth Mobility Visa UK?

The Youth Mobility visa UK application is online, and it involves paying the healthcare surcharge, the application fee, proving your identity, along with providing supporting documents. How you verify your identity will depend on your passport type and where you are. You will be advised on the options available when you apply.

You might have to go to the nearest visa application centre to take your photograph and fingerprints. If not, you will be required to scan your identity documents on the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app. The Home Office will notify you about your visa application status within 3 weeks of making your application. 

Depending on where you are from, you may need to enter the ballot system to apply for the Youth Mobility visa. The ballot opens in January and July every year and if you are selected, you are able to continue with the visa application process.

Who Is Eligible for the Youth Mobility Visa?

The Youth Mobility visa is open to individuals of certain nationalities that are between the ages of 18 and 30 years. These include the following:

  • British national (overseas)
  • British overseas territories citizen
  • British overseas citizen
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Iceland
  • Monaco
  • New Zealand
  • San Marino

The following nationalities must use the Youth Mobility Scheme Ballot to be selected to apply for this visa:

  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan

What Are the Documents Required for the Youth Mobility Visa UK?

The following documents must be provided as part of the Youth Mobility application process:

  • A valid passport (with one or more blank pages) or other applicable document showing your identity and nationality
  • A certified translation of your documents not written in English or Welsh
  • A bank statement indicating a minimum balance of £2,530
  • Tuberculosis (TB) test report (if applicable)

You might need additional documents depending on where you are:

  • Countries under the Youth Mobility Scheme Ballot: A valid email confirming your successful selection in the ballot
  • San Marino: A letter written 6 months or less before your visa application to verify your suitability for the visa
  • Iceland: A Criminal Certificate for Private Use, issued within the last 6 months before your visa application

How Can Yes UK Immigration Help You With the Youth Mobility Visa?

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We have a wealth of knowledge in the entire range of immigration!

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