Unmarried and Same Sex Partner Visa UK

A Guide to Unmarried or Same Sex Partner Visa UK Requirements

Getting a UK visa for unmarried partner or a same sex partner can be cumbersome with various technicalities involved in the process. With the recognition of LGBT rights, same sex partners can now apply for a UK visa and decide to live together with their loved ones.

Yes UK Immigration is here to make your UK visa application process efficient and smooth. As an established personal and business immigration service provider, we aspire to support you in dealing with your immigration needs. Our law experts and immigration professionals extend dedicated assistance to help you eliminate uncertainty and get the desired outcome.

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What is an Unmarried / Same Sex Partner Visa UK?

The unmarried partner visa UK and the same sex partner visa provide a chance to the foreign nationals whose unmarried partners are settled in the UK. The UK immigration rules offer you the opportunity to work and stay with your partner. 

You can legally apply for the unmarried partner visa or the same sex partner visa if your partner has settlement status in the UK or is a British national. UK Visa and Immigration(UKVI) accepts your visa application once all the requirements and documents are fulfilled while also considering the genuineness of your relationship. 

You can also apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) once you have lived for at least five years with your partner in the UK. 

The advantages of having an unmarried partner visa or a same sex partner visa in the UK include:

  • You can live with your beloved ones under one roof
  • The validation period for the visa is 33 months which can further be extended for another 30 months
  • After five years of living together in the UK, the visa holders can apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain(ILR) 
  • After acquiring ILR for one year, British Citizenship can also be applied

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What is the Eligibility to Apply for Unmarried/Same Sex Partner Visa UK?

Following criteria play a determining role in getting your unmarried/same sex visa for the UK:

  • Your partner must be a British national or should have a UK settlement status 
  • You must have been living with your partner for at least 2 years
  • You meet the required level of English language
  • The sponsor and the applicant both should be over the age of 18
  • Your marriage or civil partnership has recognition under the UK regulations
  • The minimum income requirement is met by the sponsoring partner along with having a suitable accommodation

How to Apply for an Unmarried Partner Visa or a Same Sex Partner Visa in the UK?

You can apply online through the Home Office application website. You are also required to provide your biometric information through a in-person appointment which marks the completion of your application process. 

Application rejections are majorly caused by errors and mistakes in the application forms filled by the applicants or by submitting insufficient documents. Yes UK Immigration is here to help you with filling your forms in the right manner while collating your required documents. 

The Supporting Documents Required for Unmarried/Same Sex Partner Visa UK

  • Proof of adequate accommodation in the UK 
  • Detailed bank statements proving that the sponsor can meet the minimum required income threshold
  • The sponsor’s passport and your passport, along with the National Insurance Number is applicable
  • Valid proof of your stay together for at least 2 years, proof of subsisting relationship 
  • Your family details and the information about the children you plan to bring

What If My Unmarried / Same Sex Partner Visa UK Application is Refused?

British government aims to reduce the migration rate of the nation each year and this plays a significant role as the requirements are strict. One mistake in your visa application can lead to a refusal.

On the refusal of your visa application-

  • You can either re-apply for the unmarried/same sex partner visa and initiate your documentation process again or,
  • You can opt for judicial intervention and lodge a relevant appeal

Yes UK Immigration extends its assistance in taking you through the entire process of your application and helps in tackling your legal immigration affairs with our dedicated team of lawyers. 

How Can We Help You with Unmarried/Same Sex Partner Visa UK Application?

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Moving to the UK with your partner comes with certain financial requirements that one must fulfil for getting their application accepted. The financial criterion are:

  • The minimum threshold requirement for the income is £18,600 if you plan to live with your partner in the UK on an unmarried partner visa
  • For the first dependent child you bring along with you to the UK, you must have £3,800 with you with valid proof
  • For every subsequent addition of a dependent child, the amount is £2,400 which you need to possess. 

According to Home Office website, there is 95% of application processing across the span of 12 weeks.

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