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A Complete Guide for Your Sponsor Licence Renewal Application

The sponsor licence renewal helps you to continue employing your foreign skilled migrants. This should be done even if you do not plan to call any new migrants. The responsibility of licence renewal lies with the sponsor and should be done before it expires. 

Yes UK Immigration aims to assist you with the entire process of your sponsor licence renewal. Our dedicated professionals are well-versed with the complex immigration regulations and offer guidance to make your licence renewal process smooth. Talk to our experienced teams and maximise your chances of successful license renewal. 

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What is the Sponsor Licence Renewal Process?

For the successful renewal of the licence, the sponsor must follow below process:

  • The sponsor must submit an application using the sponsorship management system(SMS) account to renew their licence
  • The required fee for Sponsor Licence Renewal application must be paid online
  • The sponsor licence renewal applications can be submitted from 3 months before their expiry date
  • All details related to the sponsor’s licence expiry and renewal dates can be viewed from their SMS accounts

Reach out to us at +44 20 3151 9366, and our passionate professionals will be happy to make your licence renewal process seamless. 

How to Apply for the Sponsor Licence Renewal?

Applications for renewing your sponsor licences must be made online through your SMS accounts. The procedure to successfully apply for your Sponsor Licence Renewal UK is:

  • While visiting the Licence summary in your SMS account and surfing into the “application and services” section, you need to select Licence Renewal
  • An appropriate application fee must be chosen based on the organisation type
  • On the following page, you are required to fill the licence renewal declaration with your correct details
  • You further proceed to make the payment, and once the process completes, your licence renewal submission is successful
  • Download the submission sheet for future references, if needed

Sponsors who wish to discontinue their licence must choose the decline option for their sponsor licence renewal. We at Yes UK Immigration are here to help you deal with all the legal affairs related to your licence renewals. It is imperative to correctly fill the application for the renewals, and our trained professionals offer detailed guidance at each step of the process. 

Documents Required for the Sponsor Licence Renewal in Special Cases

Most sponsor licence renewals do not require any additional documents since the sponsor’s original supporting documents are already submitted at the time of licence application. However, certain specified cases require new documentary evidence for successful licence renewals. These include:

  • The Tier 2(Sportsperson) and Tier 5(Temporary Worker) sponsors must submit an endorsement from a sports governing body
  • The Tier 5 International Agreement Worker sponsors, which are an international organisation or a diplomatic mission, must provide a letter signed by the head of the organisation’s office in the UK to confirm agreement to the licence renewal application. 

It is possible that you get compliance visit from Home Office once you submit the renewal application. The Home Office has the authority to request any additional document or records for verification purpose during its inspection once you have successfully applied for the licence renewal. Yes UK Immigration can assist you in correctly collating these documents and staying prepared at all times. Our dedicated legal teams lay supreme emphasis on providing you with a smooth experience from the start to the end of the process.

What can be the reasons for my Sponsor Licence Renewal Refusal?

The possible reasons which can lead to the refusal of your Sponsor Licence Renewal application include:

  • When the employer failed to keep the required records
  • If the employer did not report changes made in the company 
  • The employer failed to respond to the UKVI requests and enquiries promptly
  • When the employer did not comply with their given sponsorship duties 
  • When the employer neglected to fill vacancies locally before offering a job to an overseas individual

These common grounds can also result in the suspension, refusal, downgrading or revocation of your sponsor licence. In some instances, these reasons can lead to possible civil penalties as well. This is why sponsor licence holders must always comply with the rules laid by Home Office. 

Our experienced legal teams at Yes UK Immigrations provide you with right advice to move forward. We help you to maintain legal compliance so you can focus on your business with ease. 

How Can We Help You with the Sponsor Licence Renewal Application?

Expert Legal Advice

Yes, UK Immigration has an experienced team of lawyers dedicated to maximising your chances of getting a successful licence renewal. Having a sound understanding of Immigration regulations, we can assist you in taking the best step forward. 

We Value Your Time

We understand your emotions and the importance of your valuable time. By taking charge of handling all your immigration affairs, we aspire to provide a high-end experience while you continue to focus on your business.

Rock-Solid Support

Our professional teams are always at your service and provide efficient, around-the-clock support to help you with immigration services. Our passionate professionals ensure that you have a seamless experience throughout. 


The tier-2 sponsorship licence lasts for 4 years. After this period, the sponsor must renew their licence to continue employing overseas employees.

Whenever a company decides to recruit foreign employees, the sponsor is liable to pay an additional charge for each migrant worker. You are required to pay this amount whenever the overseas employee applies for a work visa of 6 months or more falling under:

  • Intra-company Transfer Visa
  • Skilled Worker Visa
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