UK Visa Appeals and Administrative Reviews

Get Help for Your UK Visa Appeals and Administrative Reviews 

The right to appeal and get administrative reviews can be exercised when the visa decision you receive from the Home office is unjust/poorly judged.

An applicant can choose an administrative review for a UK visa or appeal against a UK visa refusal to voice his concerns. Rejection of the visa is re-considered in such a case. 

Yes UK Immigration provides professional legal advice on administrative review for refused UK visa. We ensure responsive service to turn your UK visa appeal successful and help you to enhance your chances of going to the UK. 

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What Are the Benefits Of Appeals And Administrative Reviews?

By making an appeal or administrative reviews, you get the following benefits:

  • It could be cost-efficient
  • You don’t have to pay where your fee was waived
  • Justify your application
  • Challenge the visa decision

If you need help with your appeals and administrative reviews, reach out to us at +44 20 3151 9366. We can help you with efficient legal advice. 

How to Lodge An Appeal?

For challenging your visa refusal, you can appeal online and appeal should be lodged within 14 days of the decision if you are in the UK. You get 28 days to appeal if you stay outside the UK. 

If you delay the appeal, you are liable for an explanation. Yes UK Immigration legal team is always available to guide you with this matter. Talk to our lawyers to check your eligibility to appeal. 

Get the right advice from our responsive teams and make your journey stress-free. 

How to Apply for an Administrative Review?

The refusal letter you get from the Home Office mentions details about applying for an administrative review. You can apply online and submit the fee of £80 within time. 

The decision is rechecked based on the errors in decision marked by you. It takes over 28 days to get the result of your requested review. Our experienced lawyers are here to help you with the administrative reviews. They provide complete support and enhance approval chances of your visa application.

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Required Documents for Appeals and Administrative Reviews

Below are the documents required for making an appeal.

  • Copies each of the appellant’s notice and the skeleton argument
  • Copy of witness or affidavits included in the appeal
  • Detailed bundle documents for the appeal

What Else Do I Need to Know About Appeals And Administrative Reviews?

Home Office officials carry administrative reviews, and it is a general re-examination of the application to check for an error. Appeals are held at the First-tier immigration tribunal in the UK before a judge. 

Appeals are usually more complicated than the administrative reviews, involving large chunks of documents – bundles, witness statements, legal representation. Hierarchy of tribunals is found in the appeal system where the first appeal is made to the First-tier court followed by the Upper Tribunal. This can further be challenged in higher courts.

Your administrative request can stand cancelled if you:

  • Leave the UK
  • Demand your passport for travelling
  • Apply for another visa or immigration
  • Have already submitted a fresh application

You can write to the tribunal if you have an urgent appeal application. The case to be heard urgently, and the evidence for the same should be mentioned in the document. The decision will be made after the judge reviews your evidence. 

Making appeals and administrative reviews can be difficult for individuals but Yes UK immigration is always here to help. Talk to us about your confusion or doubts regarding your eligibility, and we will guide you. 

How Can Yes UK Immigration Help You with Your Appeals and Administrative Reviews?

Efficient Processing

Our immigration lawyers continue to assist you at every step with highest standards. We guide you through the process and reduce the pain of legal proceedings.  

Utmost Understanding

Yes UK immigration has a successful record in dealing with UK Visa Administrative Review and Appeals. Whatever guidance you seek, Yes UK Immigration is here to help you for all of them. Our team makes sure that all your requirements are considered. 

Professional Approach

We are a dedicated team and do whatever is right. Our professional outlook helps in keeping everything official and legal. We consider legal preparation imperative to help you the best way possible. 


Time taken for appeals depends on the complexity of your case. Complicated cases might take months to decide, whereas simple cases can take less. 

Yes, you can have a representative act on your behalf who can do multiple tasks – filling your forms, submitting applications, and appearing in court before the judges. You can also nominate your lawyer, your family member or friend on your behalf. 

In such a case, copies of the decision are sent to both you and your representative. 

Discussion with the judges is limited to the oral hearing of your case, where you can speak about your appeal. To maintain the fairness of the judiciary, you cannot hold personal or telephonic talk with the judge.

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