Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) UK

A Guide to Indefinite Leave to Remain UK Requirements

The Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) stands to be the most important visa status for all the migrants staying in the UK. Considered as the “Permanent Residence” granted by the government, ILR is often taken to be the final step on the path of gaining British citizenship. Receiving the ILR ensures you stay in the UK without worrying about any restrictions. 

Our passionate professionals and lawyers at Yes UK Immigration continue to extend their remarkable support while bringing their rich experience to the table. Applying for ILR can be an overwhelming experience both for you and your family. Yes UK Immigration aims to make this journey seamless for you while helping you to get the desired results. 

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What is the Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK?

Most migrants staying or working in the UK aspire to fetch permanent citizenship and settle in the country. This is where the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) comes into play. While making a path for you to become a permanent British citizen, ILR opens a wide spectrum of opportunities ahead of you. 

Various routes lead to the road of ILR, including a spouse visa or a long residence in the UK. Migrants who have lived for at least 5 years on certain visa category can apply for indefinite leave to remain and decide to stay in the UK permanently. 

The routes that lead you to the Indefinite Leave to Remain include- 

  • You have been working in the UK (SET (O))
  • There is a private life of yours, or your family is settled in the UK (SET (M))
  • Applicability of an EU Settlement Scheme
  • You possess a long residence and have been staying in the UK for more than 10 years (SET (LR))

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What is the Eligibility to Apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK?

The required eligibility criteria that decide the acceptance of your ILR application for a permanent settlement in the UK include:

  • You have passed the essential and mandatory “Life in the UK” test
  • Meeting the minimum income threshold if applicable
  • You have the required proof for English language proficiency:
    • Either you have an acceptable score for successful passing of an accredited English examination, or
    • You have the required proof of residence for nationality in an English speaking country
  • You meet the residency requirement

How to Apply for the Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK?

The Home Office has online application system for all the migrants to submit the ILR application. Applying for the indefinite leave to remain after 5 years of staying in the UK provides you with the chance to become a permanent resident and live without immigration restrictions. 

Considering the growing inclination towards settling in the UK, even a small mistake or error in your application form can result in your application being turned down. The most common reasons for the refusal include:

  • False or incomplete documentation and/or the application form information
  • Not responding to the additional document requests made by the UK Visa and Immigration or failing to provide them with the required documents.

Refusal of the Indefinite Leave to Remain application can be disheartening as a family. We at Yes UK Immigration understand the eminence of the ILR for you and give every effort to get you through.  Our team experts can help you collate all the required documents for the application and ensure that correct information with proofs is submitted. 

The application process is complex. One tiny misinformation or genuine mistake can put your application on hold. The experts at Yes UK Immigration have significant experience to guide you through the process successfully.

The Supporting Documents Required for the Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK

  • Valid proof of passing the required English and “Live in the UK” examination
  • Official payslips from your employer to ensure the minimum threshold of income requirement is met if applicable
  • Your current visa and passport
  • Additional document of any leave of absence from the UK

What If My Indefinite Leave to Remain UK Application is Refused?

The application for Indefinite Leave to Remain can be refused/rejected by the Home Office if the particular eligibility criterion or the required documents are not met. 

The ways you can proceed further on the refusal of your application can be:

  • Make an appeal against the decision
  • Opt for resubmission of your application and initiate the entire process again
  • Inclusion of judicial interference to resolve the matter

Handling legal affairs in the cases of application refusal can be tiring and stressful. Our legal team at Yes UK Immigration strives to handle your immigration application in an efficient manner. We also aim to keep your required documents in check.

How Can We Help You with Indefinite Leave to Remain UK Application?

We Offer Tailored Services

We understand that all our clients are different and have varying requirements. Our tailored services for client-based models help in developing your case in a specified manner.

We Suggest the Best Path Forward

Our decade long experience of servicing clients with multiple needs have made us well-versed with the requirements of various visas. Based on our knowledge and the continual input from the client, we suggest you the best way to opt for while moving ahead. 

We Provide 100% Transparency

Our teams hold high regard for professionalism and ensure to have a transparent association with the client. With no hidden costs and no extra charges, we say what we do. 


6 months is the processing time for the standard service for ILR. Priority service can make the process faster if you are eligible. These priority services are –

  • Priority processing which has a processing time of 5 days and costs and additional fees of £500
  • The Super Priority processing costs about £800 extra with an efficient processing time of 24 hours. 

Qualifying for the application of the ILR depends entirely on the course you have chosen to apply from. Certain routes do not offer any means to apply for the ILR. Other ways like the spouse visa allow you to apply for ILR after 5 years. 

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