Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa UK

Live and Work in the UK

Certain foreign nationals who wish to move to the UK for working and residing for up to 2 years can apply for a visa under the UK Tier 5 Youth mobility scheme visas.

The application and procedure for applying for a Tier 5 Youth mobility scheme visa can be complex and hassle some. If you do not follow the correct measures, your application can even be rejected at the last minute. Therefore, it is better to take proper guidance about the procedure and requirements. 

YES UK Immigration is a leading immigration service provider with years of experience; we aim to keep it hassle-free and provide complete assistance and legal advice. Our expert team can help you get a visa in the first go without any complications. 

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Categories of Tier 5 Temporary Visas

There are many categories under the Temporary work visa route, which provides short-term work visas.

  • Tier 5 Temporary Worker – Creative and Sporting
  • Tier 5 Temporary Worker – Charity Workers
  • Tier 5 Temporary Worker – Religious Workers
  • Tier 5 Temporary Worker – Government Authorised Exchange
  • Tier 5 Temporary Worker – International Agreement
  • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme

Under the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme many young people come to the UK to live and work during holidays. Visas under the youth mobility schemes are awarded to individuals from countries with reciprocal arrangements with the United Kingdom.

What is the Eligibility to Apply for Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa UK?

To live and work in the UK legally, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You want to live and work in the UK for 2 years
  • You’re a British Overseas Citizen, British Overseas Territories Citizen, or a British National, or you are national of Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, San Marino, Taiwan
  • You’re aged between 18-30 years 
  • You must have £2,530 in savings within 28-31 days of applying for the Visa
  • You do not have children under 18 living with you

If you need immediate help with your Youth Mobility Scheme Visa UK application, reach out to us at +44 20 3151 9366.

Advantages of Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

Some of the many advantages of having this visa are as follows:

  • You can freely live and work in the United Kingdom on a short-term basis.
  • During your stay in the UK, there are no restrictions on the nature of jobs you will do.

How to Apply for a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa in the UK?

One can easily apply for this visa online. After applying, you need to visit an authorised visa application centre and enrol your biometric information. You need to collect your biometric residence permit within ten days of your arrival in the UK, as mentioned in your application form. However, if you already live in the UK, you can always switch to this visa or apply for an extension.

Documents required for Youth Mobility Scheme Visa (T5) in the UK?

When you apply for this visa, you must provide-

  • Passport or Travel documents that prove your identity and nationality.
  • Bank statement showing evidence of £2,530 in your savings to support yourself while you stay in the UK. 
  • A tuberculosis result certificate if applicable
  • Valid translated documents if any of your documents are in any other language except English or Welsh.

Find out if you are eligible for a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa. Talk to our immigration experts and get the right advice. 

What to do if your visa is refused?

At YES UK Immigration, we help you carry out an entirely smooth process; even if your visa application is refused, our professionally experienced team will help you find best possible solution.

You need not panic if your application is refused as it can be resolved, but as precautionary approach, it is advised that one should always apply for the visa after good preparation. After the refusal, our team firstly tries to find the cause of the rejection. We go through the refused application and supporting documents if required we can submit a new application on your behalf.

We help you navigate the complicated process of applying the visa. It is better to take Immigration advice from an experienced lawyer before filing your application to ensure a successful application.

How Can Yes UK Immigration Help You with Tier 5 Youth Visa UK Application?

Complete Visa Application Support

YES UK Immigration’s provide you with specific guidelines on requirements or organising the complete documentation and provide detailed representation. We support you through out the process.

Stress-free Processing

Our immigration lawyers guide you through every phase of your Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa application. Whatever doubts you have during the process, Yes UK Immigration is here to clarify them all. 

Unmatched Expertise

Our immigration advisers have worked on a wide range of immigration matters. We can help you navigate the Home Office’s complicated laws and policies and offer expert immigration solutions.


It can vary, as if you process the application from the UK, it may take about eight weeks, while if you apply from anywhere outside the United Kingdom, it can take three months, but it can vary from country to country, so it is advised to apply early.

Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa is valid up to 24 months and it cannot be extended. However, you can explore options obtaining other type of visa.

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We have a wealth of knowledge in
the entire range of immigration!

We have a wealth of knowledge in the entire range of immigration!

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