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The Tier 1 Investor visa, also known as the UK Golden Visa, is a Tier 1 visa category that enables a migrant and his or her family to enter, stay, and settle in the United Kingdom in exchange for financial investment. The path is available to people of all nationalities and has no age restriction.

The UK Tier 1 investor visa is a long-term settlement visa for foreign investors who wish to relocate to the United Kingdom. You must spend a minimum of £2 million, and the more you invest, the faster you will be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR). These funds must then be deposited within three months of arriving in the UK and maintained for the duration of the visa.

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What is the Eligibility to Apply Tier 1 Investor Visa for the UK?

Here are the eligibility criteria you need to fulfil: 

  • If you are over the age of 18, you can apply for a Tier 1 investor visa in the UK.
  • You’ll need at least £2 million but no more than £10 million.
  • The funds available must be transferable to deposit in a bank account in the United Kingdom.
  • UK bank account at a regulated bank.

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Advantages of Applying for Tier 1 Investor Visa

There are various perks of Tier 1 Investor Visa, they are:

  • It is one of the quickest ways to apply for a visa in the United Kingdom. The entire process, from applying to receiving a visa, takes less than three months. In most cases, the Home Office will decide on your application within 15 days. You can expedite the process by paying an additional £500 for a priority service.
  • In your application for a UK investor visa, you can include your spouse or unmarried partner, as well as minor children.
  • You are not required to show work experience, provide evidence of education, or pass an English examination.
  • Investing in shares of UK companies can be lucrative. You’ll be the one making investment decisions, and you’ll be in control. You can sell the shares and get your money back when your visa expires, or you get an ILR.
  • After five years of commuting in the United Kingdom, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. It would take three years if you invest more than £5,000,000.

How to Apply for Tier 1 Investor Visa in the UK?

The exact procedure will be determined by the country from which you are applying. However, as a general summary, the first step is to complete the online application form, which will collect your personal information and immigration background. If you’ve finished your application and have all of your papers, you can apply online and pay for your visa.

After you’ve paid, you’ll be able to schedule an in-person submission appointment to hand over your documents and provide biometric details, including fingerprint and iris scans. Your case is in the processing queue after your biometric appointment is completed, and all you have to do now is wait for a decision. YES UK Immigration lawyers will assist you in gathering the necessary paperwork and answer any questions the Government Office must have.

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Documents Required for a Tier-1 Investor Visa

Following are the documents required to enter the UK on Tier 1 Investor Visa:

  • A valid passport or any other form of travel document.
  • You should be 18 years old.
  • For the past ten years and in any countries where you spent more than 12 months, you must have a criminal record certificate.
  • You’ll need to open an investment account with a licensed financial institution in the UK and get a letter from a bank official.
  • All prospective clients in the United Kingdom are subjected to background checks, which is in the best interests.
  • Test results of tuberculosis test.
  • If you use your spouse’s or partner’s money, you must have a marriage certificate or proof of living together, as well as a sponsor’s letter granting you free access to the funds.

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What to Do If Your Tier 1 Investor Visa is Refused?

Upon refusal, you may seek an Administrative Review or a Judicial Review of the decision, or you may want to resubmit your Tier 1 Investor Visa application, depending upon the reason for refusal. Our immigration team will look into the reasons for your visa refusal and provide you with the finest legal advice and representation. Our experts will prepare the necessary documentation and assist in the analysis.

Visa application and processing is a tiring process, let our expert immigration lawyers help you navigate through that phase. Talk to us about your confusion or doubts regarding your eligibility, and we will guide you. 

How Can YES UK Immigration Help You with Tier 1 Investor Visa UK Application?

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Professional Approach

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The Immigration Rules for Tier 1 Investors impose some limits on the types of investments that can be made. Investments in offshore companies or trusts, open-ended investment companies, and companies primarily engaged in real estate investment, management, or growth, for example, are all restricted.

Market volatility in the value of your investment would have no bearing on your ability to show that you kept your investment at a certain amount throughout your period of leave.

When any part of a Tier 1 Investor’s qualified investments is sold (for a profit or a loss) within a reporting period the gross proceeds must be re-invested in qualifying investments by the end of the next reporting period, or within six months of the date of the sale, whichever comes first.

1st level Investors may bring their spouse, civil partner, unmarried or same-sex partner, and any children under the age of 18 with them or be joined by them. Investors are not permitted to carry their parents, siblings, or other relatives.

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