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Sponsor License UK Application Guidance

When you receive the Sponsor License UK, you are entitled to employ citizens of other countries including EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. A sponsor license is not needed if the prospective employee already has an indefinite leave to remain in the UK. When applying for the license, you must appoint people in your organisation for dedicated sponsorship management roles. These roles are:

  • Key Contact who is the main point of contact with the UKVI
  • Level 1 user who takes care of the daily management of your licence through the SMS
  • Authorising Officer is a senior person who has the responsibility for the actions of staff using the SMS

The decision for which type of licence is given to the sponsor will be taken according to the nature of the working opportunity. The two types of licenses depending on the workers are:

  • Long-term workers as permanent employees
  • Temporary workers

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What is the Eligibility to Apply for the Sponsor License UK?

To be eligible for sponsor license UK application, you must meet the following mandatory requirements:

UKVI can pay a compliance visit to your business to ensure that the responsibilities given to you will be carried out well. Yes UK Immigration provides a high-in-class service to help you deal with all the documentation. Our dedicated team is always there to back you up throughout your application process. 

How to Apply for the Sponsor License UK?

You must apply online for the sponsor license along with all the needed documents. All declarations and official affidavits attached should be witnessed by a qualified individual – Notary Public, Councillor or a Commissioner for Oaths. Your documents should be scanned and sent to the official email address mentioned on your submission sheet while being high-quality for an easy read. 

Documents not filled in English or Welsh language should be accompanied by a valid certified translation of the text. 

Applications for the sponsor license UK can be overwhelming at times, given the extensive documentation needed to apply. Yes UK Immigration aspires to make the entire process easy for you while keeping you calm and restful. Our trained team of professionals and experienced lawyers are well versed in legal affairs. They intend to provide the best possible guidance for maximising your chances of getting the license. 

The Supporting Documents Required for the Sponsor License UK Application

  • Official VAT registration certificate
  • Valid, current bank statement of the company
  • Business premise’s rent agreement or ownership proof
  • Proof of accounts that are audited and unaudited
  • Employer’s liability insurance of the employer with the minimum financial requirement from an authorised body

Each type of sponsor license will require varying documents specific to their field. Yes UK Immigration can assist you in collating correct and mandatory documents and make your application process seamless.

What If My Sponsor License UK Application is Refused?

There can be several reasons leading to the refusal of your license application. These include:

  • In a case, if your business does not respond to the Home Office enquiries
  • If the company fails the Home Office’s Compliance Audit or the genuineness test
  • When the business fails to have the appropriate policy required for meeting the duties of sponsorship

Yes, UK Immigration has a reliable legal team that offers bespoke solutions and provides right guidance for challenging your refusals if required. The possible choices to opt from can either be getting administrative reviews to reconsider the decision or the reapplication. 

How Can We Help You with the Sponsor License UK Application?

High Success Rate

We take pride in holding a decade-long experience of successfully serving our clients and helping them with all their immigration-related processes. We work to put you at ease and get sponsor licence for you. 

Held By Strong Ethics

We value our clients and place high regards on doing what is right. We offer rock-solid support to the clients and serve them with the best-in-class expertise to make their journey smooth.

Legal Support

The lawyers at Yes UK Immigration aim to solve all your queries and address all your problems. With the rich experience they bring to the table; our teams are well versed with the immigration regulations laid by the Home Office. 


The sponsor license is officially valid for four years and opens for renewal at the end of the fourth year. The Home Office can still suspend your license if you are found to not comply with the sponsor’s duties. 

The cooling-off period is a time span when you may be prevented from applying or re-applying to the sponsor license UK. The length of the period is usually dependent on the nature of the case. It could be six months from the date of the Home Office decision letter. A longer cooling off period of 12 months may be imposed if the company has previously received a civil penalty under section 15 of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006.

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