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Comply with your sponsor licence obligations.

The Home Office will do checks on companies to monitor whether they are complying with their duties by organising on-site compliance visits, requesting further information and documentation and verifying it. They can also make checks with HMRC and other governmental departments and conduct digital checks through video interviews.

Yes UK Immigration aims to help you comply with your sponsor licence duties. Our dedicated professionals are well-versed with the complex immigration regulations. Talk to our experienced teams and maximise your chances of successful compliance. 

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What is Sponsor Licence Compliance?

Companies that hire foreign workers must hold a valid sponsor licence to do so. In order to maintain the licence, they must adhere to certain rules and responsibilities. The Home Office conducts compliance audits and visits to ensure that companies do not:

  • Pose a threat to immigration control
  • Breach their sponsorship duties and responsibilities
  • Get convicted of criminal offences or issued with certain civil penalties 
  • Engage in activities that are not in line with the public good

If the Home Office find that a company is not complying with their obligations, it may do any one of the following:

  • Reduce the number of Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) that can be allocated to migrant workers
  • Downgrade the sponsor licence to a B-rating
  • Suspend the licence
  • Revoking the licence
  • Cancel the permission of the sponsored workers meaning they will have to find a new job, apply for a new visa, or leave the country
  • Report any criminal offences to the police or other relevant authorities

If you need any assistance with complying with your sponsor licence regulations, contact us at +44 20 3151 9366.

What Are The Sponsor Licence Duties?

From the moment your sponsor licence is issued, you must comply with the sponsorship duties. These include the following: 

  • Reporting duties
  • Record-keeping duties
  • Complying with immigration and wider UK laws 
  • Not engaging in behaviour or actions contrary to the public good


Reporting Duties: 

Using the Sponsor Management System (SMS) you must report certain information to the Home Office such as if the sponsored worker does not attend work, they are absent for long periods of time or you stop sponsoring them. 

There may be other significant changes that you may need to report too such as if the worker’s job role changes or the salary reduces. On the other hand, you may experience changes in your company like a merger, acquisition or change in business address. You must keep the Home Office notified of any relevant changes and report them within a certain time period depending on the type of information you need to report. 

Record-Keeping Duties: 

A sponsor must keep certain records for their sponsored staff readily available in case the Home Office needs to request them. Sponsor companies will need to maintain right-to-work information such as proof of conducting right-to-work checks on the Home Office online system evidencing that they have verified the worker’s identity and immigration status. In addition, sponsors will need to keep records of recruitment practices such as details of the resident labour market test if required.

Complying With Immigration Laws: 

A sponsor company will also need to ensure that the sponsored employees are not working illegally and that they have valid permission to be in the UK. 

How Can Yes UK Immigration Help You With Sponsor Licence Compliance?

Specialised Legal Support

Through years of built-up knowledge and experience, we are confident that we can give you the support you need to maintain your sponsor licence duties and adhere to compliance requirements.

Years Of Experience

Our teams have over 10 years of experience navigating the immigration rules set out by the Home Office. We provide accurate, reliable and thorough immigration advice based on a wealth of knowledge.


We will clearly and transparently communicate with you so that you are certain of what is required of you as a UK sponsor and how you can remain compliant with the immigration rules.

Speak to our experts!

We have a wealth of knowledge in
the entire range of immigration!

We have a wealth of knowledge in the entire range of immigration!

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