High Potential Individual Visa UK

A Complete Guide to the High Potential Individual Visa UK Requirements

The High Potential Individual visa allows recent graduates of eligible universities to remain in the UK for 2 or more years. It is only open to people who were awarded their degree qualification within the last 5 years.

Applying for a High Potential Individual visa does not require a job offer, unlike other visa routes. You cannot however apply for this visa if you have been to the UK on a Doctorate Extension Scheme or a Graduate visa.

What Are the High Potential Individual Visa Eligibility Requirements?

You qualify for the High Potential Individual visa by meeting the following criteria:

  • You have received a qualification from an eligible university within the past 5 years. The universities’ eligibility is based on the global rankings provided in the Home Office’s list of top international universities. The list also depends on the year and month you received your qualification and excludes UK universities
  • The qualification is equal to a UK bachelor’s, postgraduate, PhD or doctorate 
  • The qualification is verified by Ecctis, (formerly known as UK NARIC), to evaluate the validity and level of your qualification
  • Proof that you can understand, speak, read and write English at level B1 or higher on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) scale 
  • Show that you have £1,270 or more in your bank account as proof that you can support yourself unless you have been in the UK for 12 or more months on a valid visa

If you need assistance with your UK High Potential Individual visa application, reach out to us at +44 20 3151 9366.

How Do I Get a High Potential Individual Visa?

You must apply online to make an application for the High Potential Individual visa. However, the process varies depending on whether you are inside or outside the UK. You will also have to prove your identity and how you do this depends on your type of passport and where you are. 

You will be told what to do once you apply. You might need to scan your identity document on the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app. Alternatively, you might need to visit a visa application centre to have your photograph and fingerprints taken for a biometric visa residence permit. 

Once you apply online, prove your identity, and provide your documents, you will receive a decision in 3 weeks. The Home Office will contact you if the process takes longer.

What Are the Documents Required for the High Potential Individual Visa?

You will need to provide the following documents for this application:

  • A valid passport or any other travel document showing your identity and nationality
  • An Academic Qualification Level Statement
  • An English Qualification Level Statement
  • A certified translation of your documents not in English or Welsh
  • Online immigration status proof or a biometric residence permit
  • Documents proving your relationship with your children or partner if they apply to accompany you
  • Tuberculosis test results if you apply from one of the listed countries

How Can Yes UK Immigration Help You With the High Potential Individual Visa?

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We are a team of regulated immigration experts which means that the quality of our immigration advice is second to none. 


Our main objective is to give you the satisfaction you deserve through our specialised immigration advice and client-focused approach. 

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We have a wealth of knowledge in the entire range of immigration!

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