7 Year Child Residence Application UK

A Guide to Child Residence Application UK Requirements

The Child Residence Application, also popularly known as the 7 Year Child Visa UK is one of the most integral aspects of the immigration process for families. Children who have lived in the UK for a continuous span of 7 years get the opportunity to regularise their immigration status with this. The child residency application also ensures a seamless stay in the UK without any immigration restrictions on the immigrant children. 

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What is the 7 Year Child Residence Application UK?

The 7 Year rule UK visa is endeavoured to establish a regularised residency for children in the UK. The Home Office grants the opportunity to apply for a Leave to Remain for the children living in the UK for more than 7 continuous years. This application also leads to the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) once the child completes his stay for 10 years, fulfilling the long residency criteria. 

The span of 7 years has been profoundly chosen to be adequate for the child to adapt in the lifestyle and culture of the UK. This also ensures that the child has been well integrated in the country and child leaving the country could be unreasonable.

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What is the Eligibility to Apply for the 7 Year Child Residence Visa UK?

The application rule for the 7 Year Child Residence Visa UK is triggered when the following required eligibility criteria are met-

  • The child is currently in the UK
  • This child must be under the age of 18
  • The child has been continuously living in the UK for at least 7 years
  • It is not reasonable to expect the child to leave the UK in the coming times

The 7 years continuous residence UK visa could be granted with the validity of these criteria. 

How to Apply for the 7 Year Child Residence Application UK?

One must submit the form online along with all the required documents when applying for the 7 Year Child Residence. The British government also provides assistance to people facing troubles with Internet connectivity.

Sometimes migrants make a mistakes, due to the errors in the form and/or the documents submitted, the UK Visa and Immigration(UKVI) raises an objection and rejects the visa application. 

With the growing number of people attempting to settle in the UK and the opposing measure taken to cut down the immigration rate by the British government— minute mistakes can lead to refusals. Yes UK Immigration is here to help you with your application processes. From choosing the right form to collating your required documents, our team brings their vast experience to the table and helps you grease the wheels. 

The Supporting Documents Required by Parents Applying Under the 7 Year Child Residence Visa in the UK

The 7 Year Child Visa can also help parents who have their children living in the UK for more than 7 years and are seeking residence in the country. The mandatory documents which are required for the application process include:

  • Your valid name and date of birth proofs
  • Proof copy of your biometric residence permit, if applicable
  • your current passport or other valid travel ID
  • Details of criminal convictions, if any
  • Proof of national insurance number, if applicable

In some cases, you may also be required to submit valid proof of your relationship with your children and the account of responsibility on you. This may include the amount you spend on your children daily needs and education. 

There is no need for you to submit any financial proof or English language eligibility proof if you are already staying in the UK.

What If My 7 Year Child Residence Application is Refused?

The refusal of your 7 Year Child Residence Application can be due to the incorrect filling of the form or some errors in the required documents attached. Yes UK Immigration is here to help you to proceed further in such a case. Our professional teams investigate deep into the matter and analyse the possible reasons for the rejection. 

One can exercise their right to appeal and also ask for judicial interference to look into the matter. Yes UK Immigration can guide you through the process and help you in pursuing your matter. You can also choose to resubmit the 7 year child visa UK application and repeat the entire process again. 


The period of grant for the discretionary leave to remain is at most 30 months if the application is successfully accepted. Further, depending on the circumstances and the eligibility criterion, the visa can be extended. 

As per the guidance provided by the Home Office, the following are some of the factors considered for deciding the unreasonable aspect for the child to leave:

  • If the child has family networks or citizenship of another country
  • Due to the significant risk of the child’s health
  • The ability of the child to read, write and speak another language 
  • Any records of the previous school attended in another country
  • If they have any family ties in the UK

You need to submit an FLR(M) form and submit scanned copies of your supporting documents. You would also need to visit an approved Biometric Enrolment centre.

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