Start Up Visa UK

A Complete Guide to Start Up Visa UK Requirements

A start up visa UK provides an opportunity to individuals who aspire to establish their business in the UK. It aims to help entrepreneurs who are willing to solve problems and bring viable solutions to the UK market. The start up visa endorsing bodies play an integral role in the acceptance of your visa application.

Greasing the wheels for you, Yes UK Immigration provides high-end professional assistance and legal support to make your visa application process smooth. With our decade-long experience, we guide you towards the next best steps to be taken for the successful start up visa application. 

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What is the Start Up Visa UK?

The UK invites talented entrepreneurs to come and work in the UK and encourages innovative ideas. To realise this goal and facilitate national growth, a start up visa UK is provisioned to help individuals with visionary plans to establish their businesses and support its economy.

Start up visa endorsing bodies evaluate the potential of your business idea presented and endorse it. For the acceptance of your start up visa application, you must get an endorsing letter from these bodies. For receiving the letter, your business idea must be unique and innovative. 

The authorised bodies which can provide you with endorsements include:

  • A higher education institution in the UK
  • An established organisation that has previous records of supporting UK entrepreneurs

Fetching endorsements from the UK’s authorised bodies will help you get your visa application accepted with ease. 

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What is the Eligibility to Apply for the Start Up Visa UK?

The UK Visa and Immigration has established mandatory criteria in place for the start up UK visa application. It is necessary to meet the following eligibility requirements for foreign individuals aiming to do business in the UK:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You meet the required level of English language prerequisite 
  • Having a valid endorsement letter from an authorised endorsing body of the UK
  • You must have a financial proof for supporting yourself in the UK: Having at least £1270 in your bank account for the last 28 consecutive days before the date of your visa application

How to Apply for the Start Up Visa UK?

Individuals are required to apply online for the Start Up Visa UK. The application form is submitted along with all the mandatory documents. Following this, one needs to submit their biometric through visa centres. This can be done in two ways depending on the type of passport you poses:

  • You can either use your UK Immigration: ID Check’ app to scan your documents after signing into your UKVI account, or
  • You can physically get your fingerprints and photographs taken at the valid visa application centre for getting the biometric residence permit

Applying correctly for your start up visa UK application is imperative for establishing your dream business in the UK. Most minor mistakes made in the application form or in the documents attached can lead to the refusal of your application. 

Yes UK Immigration aims to walk along and be with you at each step with the intent to maximise your chances of getting the application accepted. We take care of your entire visa application process, including filling up the form and collating the mandatory documents. 

Our experienced team is well versed with the requirements of the UKVI and guides you to have a seamless experience while getting your application accepted!

The Supporting Documents Required for the Start Up Visa UK Application

  • A valid endorsement letter for your business idea received by an established endorsing body of the UK 
  • Your current passport to prove your nationality
  • Financial proof of valid bank statements for having at least £1270 in savings for the last 28 consecutive days 
  • The accepted score for the English language examination
  • A medical result for tuberculosis examination, if applicable

You may also need a certified translation for your application if your documents are not in English or Welsh language.

What If My Start Up Visa UK Application is Refused?

Your start up business visa UK can be refused or rejected due to many reasons. Errors in your application form, incorrect information/documents submitted, or not responding to the follow-up requests made by the UKVI— all of these can lead to your visa application being tossed. 

There are various ways to opt for if your visa application is refused:

  • You can proceed with an administrative review of your application if you are outside the UK. You must apply within 28 days of getting your visa refusal.
  • You can seek the intervention of judicial authorities and make an appeal against the immigration decision.
  • Lastly, you can go for the resubmission of your application and start the entire process again.

Dealing with the visa refusals and taking the follow-up steps can be overwhelming at times. Yes UK Immigration is here to help you handle all the legal affairs smoothly. Our professionals start by analysing your case firmly and then strategically plan the next course of action. 

How Can We Help You with the Start Up Visa UK Application?

We Offer Bespoke Solutions

We understand that each case is different, and so are the requirements of it. We offer customised solutions particular to your visa application case that suit your needs. 

We Provide Technical Legal Expertise

Our team of trained and professional lawyers are well aware of the regulations set by the UK and thus guide you towards the best path forward for getting your visa applications accepted easily. 

We Are Reliable

While being in the immigration industry for more than a decade, we have successfully responded to the needs of our clients and have been one of the most reliable immigration services providers. 


The processing time is dependent on the place from where your application is submitted:

  • If you are residing in the UK, it takes 8 weeks for your decision
  • Applying from outside the UK can take upto 3 weeks for your application to be processed

You can opt for a payable faster service in case you have scheduled appointments for your application.

It takes around £363 for your start up business visa UK application to be submitted and an additional £363 for each dependent family member you plan to bring along.

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We have a wealth of knowledge in the entire range of immigration!